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First Night in Taiwan

First Night In Taiwan

Well, I have no photo of my first night in Taiwan so I have to make do. Whoops. This is much different from my other travel posts since this is more of a diary entry. Our first night in Taiwan was eventful. Within three hours, we already have stories to tell. Here’s a quick word dump on how I remember our first night in Taiwan went.

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How to Visit Taiwan Visa-Free for Filipinos (and How to Apply for a Taiwan Tourist Visa)

Taiwan Visa

Last Updated: March 20, 2017

In the later months of 2016, news about being able to travel Taiwan visa free (!!!) as long as you fit certain criteria made the rounds in social media. Within a few days, some budget airlines already announced sales going to Taiwan. With no travel plans for 2017 yet, my friends and I decided we are the we-go-where-cheap-plane-tickets-go kind of travelers. So, yes, we booked tickets for Taiwan’s spring season. I mean, really? Cheap tickets + cherry blossoms + NO VISA? Count us in!

Since I just came back from my Taiwan trip a week ago, I decided to create this step-by-step guide on how to be exempted from applying for a tourist visa for Filipinos – but I will also share how to get a visa if you didn’t fit their exemptions criteria below.

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Changing Your Money: 5 Great Tips on Getting the Best Deals


Going abroad is exciting. Getting your money changed into the right currency isn’t. Nevertheless, it’s essential you have the necessary spending money available in the local currency. It’s no good turning up in Europe trying to pay with dollars. So get it sorted early and you’ll be on your way to having a seamless, enjoyable trip.

It’s surprisingly easy to get ripped off when changing money. Exchange rates vary depending on where you go (changing up your money at airports is never a great idea) and most banks will add fees if you use your card abroad. You can still get a good deal, though. Pay attention to the following five tips:

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Life Lately: Too Uninspired, Too Unmotivated

Too-UninspiredI admitted to myself just a few minutes ago that I write Life Lately posts when I’m too uninspired, unmotivated, or just plain lazy to document the actual things happening in my life lately. I also feel like I’m just in a slump right now. I wake up, exercise (sometimes), get ready, go to work, get back, eat, and sleep. Again and again and again. On the weekends, I go out to eat or for church then back again to just sit in my bed and just waste my time on my phone or just sleeping. I haven’t been in this lazy stump for a while and I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Lol @ how my social media accounts is portraying that my life is exciting and amazing at the moment.