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Bazooka Rocks 2015: Royal Rumble

Last night was a thriller, was a killer, was a damn good time. #Bazooka4Royals

Last night was a thriller, was a killer, was a damn good time. #Bazooka4Royals

Bazooka Rocks Festival (BRF) is an annual festival that started in 2012 and is currently on its fourth year. It’s a music festival that holds international and local bands in an air-conditioned venue – the first of its kind. I’ve been attending it for three years in a row now – I still regret not attending the first one – and I’m thinking I’ll keep the tradition up until I’m 25.

Bazooka Rocks 2015 is headlined by Never Shout Never – one of my favorite bands ever and is the major reason why I went this year. Other international bands include Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, This Century, and Beach Weather. Local bands include Absolute Play, Sirens, Faint Light, and Urbandub.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Here’s the supposed to be performance and meet and greet schedule for this year.

The festival happened last Saturday, November 28, 2015, at Samsung Hall in SM Aura. Usually, it happens at SMX Convention Center near MOA but this year boasts of being a more intimate session with the bands.

A few hours before the show, Beach Weather announced they will no longer be able to attend the show because of unexpected flight cancellations – which sucks a lot and a little discouraging as I’m really looking forward to their set.

The show was supposed to start at 1:15 PM but my friends and I reached the venue around 2:00 PM. I’m not familiar with the local bands so it was alright for me to be late. It didn’t matter though, as the gates opened around 4:15 PM. Poor management on PULP’s part, I think, as we weren’t informed why it was delayed so we just bought some merch and roamed SM Aura for a while as we wait.

When we got back to Samsung Hall, Absolutely Play was already on their final two songs. I don’t have much to say about the local bands (Absolute Play, Sirens, Faint Light), so I’ll just be posting a few photos below.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Faspitch’s performance was amazing! You can see their passion on music so clearly.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

We apparently met Faintlight’s lead singer at last year’s Bazooka Rocks. Small world!

The local bands were good, though, and got the crowd moving along to the beat.

First of the international bands to performed was Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! I have to admit that I haven’t heard any of their songs before and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it a lot during their set. The lead singer was so energetic on stage (and cute!!!). He’s also very interactive with fans and I we held hands at one point in the set. Hahaha! I’m definitely on my way to listen to the rest of their songs.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

I’ve never seen someone smile so much while singing/screaming. Qt.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

In which three guys decided to crowdsurf to the front row full of girls while this happened.

There was a meet and greet after CNCC’s set but my friends and I decided to stay in the pit since we were already in the second row and This Century would be performing next.

Surprisingly, Beach Weather made a performance – just not live, though! It was so sweet that between the flight cancellations and their lack of sleep, they were able to record a song and explain to the fans what happened and how they’re hoping to visit soon. Is it a requirement for all 8123 bands to be sweet? Because I think it is!

Bazooka Rocks 2015 (8)

Beach Weather making a sweet performance!

Next up was This Century. This Century was amazing, as usual. I’ve watched their shows before and they just keep getting better. This is the last time anyone would see them perform though, as they are breaking up. 🙁

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Babies. Why are you breaking up? 🙁

The crowd were so in sync while This Century was performing. I was forced (okay, not really) to dance as the people around me are doing the same and since we’re all packed, it’s a domino effect. Joel also did the Nae Nae dance!

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Won’t you stay with me? Hayyyy Joel.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

I’ll definitely miss This Century.

I lined up for the meet and greet after This Century’s set since I thought they’ll be the one who’s up next for that booth. Urbandub already finished performing before I found out Never Shout Never were doing the meet and greet. I’m keeping this short since I don’t want to remember the bad feelings I have during the time.

They cut the meet and greet halfway through! There are only 5 people in front of me before I get to meet Never Shout Never then apparently, their manager cut the meet and greet time. I was so close + I bought my Never Shout Never CDs imported from States + I’ve been a huge fan since 2011. That was why I was so dismayed. I also had ill feelings against PULP since they promised we all get to meet the band. I’ve never been more disappointed in PULP. The whole event might have made me let out a few frustrated screams and muttered curses before trying to compose myself.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Front row! And a peek at my desperate photo with Chris. Hahaha.

I then decided to do the next big thing: I made my way through the pit for Never Shout Never’s set and made my way to the front row. It wasn’t an easy task, but I made it.

Bazooka Rocks 2015

My ultimate bae. <3

Finally, Never Shout Never came out to play! God, I could stare at Christopher Drew for the rest of my life. He wasn’t afraid of making himself look silly while on stage. He made lots of jokes and silly dances in between of the songs. He also played numerous instruments, just proving why I adored him. At one point, he gave away all of his picks to the fans before remembering that he needs them! Haha!

Bazooka Rocks 2015

Waited 4 years for these guys.

In the middle of the set, he made a huge speech about peace. I always did associate Never Shout Never with peace so the fact that he took five minutes of his already limited time to discuss it was amazing.

I might have failed meeting him this time but I also got to hold his hand and met his stare while he was performing and that’s good enough for me. I’ll try to meet him and the rest of the band again once they come back to Manila.

This Century finally took over the meet and greet both after Never Shout Never’s set. It was a really long line but it was moving fast as there was no selfies allowed (boo). Free nachos were being offered while we were lined up. When it was finally my turn, I managed to ask the official photographer to take a picture of Joel and me. I also got to hug all the band members.

Me: *hands out my Sound of Fire CD to be signed*
Sean: Old school, huh? *laughs*
Me: *laughs as well* It’s my last chance to have it signed by you guys. We’ll miss you!
Sean: I miss us, too.

My friends and I also entertained the notion of going to the bands’ hotel afterwards but I’m not entirely convinced the bands will go out – which turned out to be false. I have yet to do some actual ‘stalking’. Maybe next year! And that concludes my experience at Bazooka Rocks 2015. This is my third and final concert for 2015! Overall rating is 3 over 5 because I am still bitter about the cancelled meet and greet + late start of the show.

Have you been to any music festivals lately?

xoxo, Richel V.

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