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How to Really Know Someone Vol. 2


It’s been more than three months since my last installment for this series and I’m here to rectify that. I found this tag through Corinth and the list of all the fun questions can be seen here. I like that the questions really makes me stop for a moment and think, and it also shows the brains, er thoughts, of me that’s not usually seen from my usual travel and personal posts. Except, maybe, you’ll get a hint of it from what I posts on twitter.

HTRKS Personal

How to Really Know Someone Vol. 1


I’m going to pull a Corinth and join this How To Really Know Someone tag since all the questions looks too interesting! And so you guys can get a glimpse into the inner workings on my mind. I hope you guys will be able to join this tag so I can look into your head, as well! I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy. You could also just leave your answer/s as a comment below.

Books Monthly Reads

November Reads: Keeping the Bookworm in Me Alive

November Reads; Richel Goes Places

Reading was my first love. Ever since I joined the hype that was Twilight, my nose has always been in a book. I would save up every penny to buy a new book every week and start reading it as soon as I got out of the bookstore. I even bought four books with me on my first out of the country trip since I can’t last without reading anything. E-books weren’t a thing back then so I have this bookshelf that just keeps piling up, I have to get a bigger one.

Financial Web Hits

Web Hits: How to Save More Money

Save More Money; Richel Goes Places

Web Hits will be a series of posts containing the interesting/useful links I have seen while scrounging the World Wide Web. Each one will have a specific theme and today will be all about money.

If you have seen my life goals post, I have listed my desire to travel and that is one expensive goal. I’ve been saving up for it ever since I started working last January and I’m almost done with my financial goal for this year!