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Money Diaries: Night Shift


Since June this year, I have been consistently writing down how much I spend every day among other things. Seeing it written down on my daily journal makes me reconsider my spending habits and lets me see just where I spend so much money and how to cut back. If you guys remember, I made a personal finance blog months back but maintaining two blogs is so hard, so I’m incorporating that to my personal blog. I’ll be sharing my financial diaries occasionally – maybe when I have some events affecting my finances.

Financial Personal

I Gave Myself a $25 Budget for a Week

Budget for a Week

I gave myself a $25 Budget for a week because I need to start paying for the money I took off my savings account while I was out travelling the past months. And I need to have a decent account balance for when I apply for a Korean VISA. And also because, frankly, I lost all my money-savings skills that I acquired last year. I need to have it back!

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How I Managed to Save 100K in Less Than a Year

How I Managed to Save 100K in Less Than a Year; Richel Goes Places

Saving 100K has been one of my life goals for this year. I’ve always been good at saving up money – then spending it in one go… This year, I decided to forgo the spending part. I’m going to share with you some of the things I did that helped me save 100K. I actually debated posting this one but you guys reacted so positively on this post I made last month that’s about saving/earning more money.

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Web Hits: How to Save More Money

Save More Money; Richel Goes Places

Web Hits will be a series of posts containing the interesting/useful links I have seen while scrounging the World Wide Web. Each one will have a specific theme and today will be all about money.

If you have seen my life goals post, I have listed my desire to travel and that is one expensive goal. I’ve been saving up for it ever since I started working last January and I’m almost done with my financial goal for this year!