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2018 Life Updates (Trips, Lasik, Etc.)

2018 Life Updates; Richel Goes PlacesHi, blog! It’s been a hot minute since I posted any updates. 2018 has been crazy busy and not in a bad way. I’ve been having a blast! There’s been a few major life changes and a lot of minor ones that are still on-going. I think I’ll go a bit more in depth about them in my next posts or in my 2018 wrap-up post. But, some quick updates below in no chronological order:

Life Lately

Life Lately: New Blog Look + Added Shop!

New Blog Look

Warning: this is a long-ass post.

After three weeks of radio silence on my blog, I just want to say… hi. Welcome to my (hopefully improved) blog. But before I get to talking about the changes I’ve made in my blog, I’ll be talking about something much more important: me. Hahaha. I’m totally kidding, but I really will talk about what I’ve been up to the last month, almost, before I give you guys a quick tour on the new changes in my blog.

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Life Lately: Crazy Times!!


You know what? If I promise myself I’ll get back to blogging, then I always end up breaking that promise so I’m not promising anyone anything. LOL. The past few months of my inactivity has been crazy as hell. There’s been a lot of good times, bad times, and in between. I had many of moments that made me laugh and smile, moments that made me sad for the first times since a long time, and even moments that made me pissed as heck. See? It’s been a crazy ride, and shout-out to my BFFs and Twitter friends for being along those crazy times. Now, I’m bringing my stories to my blog – except for one that will never be mentioned again, lol. I missed you guys too, and your stories.

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Life Lately: Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been; Richel Goes Places

It’s been a little over a month since my last blog post entry and I swear, I’m not in a ditch somewhere as proof of this post. As I’m typing this, it’s 6:18 AM on a Sunday and I’m in bed, thinking about things. I’m thinking about the plans I have with my family later. I’m especially thinking about eating at Frankie’s when we’re in SM Aura because, I swear, they have the best chicken wings ever. Ever.

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Life Lately: On a Vocal Rest


Well, end of May went downhill for me. I’ve been feeling sick since Monday and I thought it was the usual tonsillitis + fever combo. I got checked out by my trusty doctor yesterday and I found out that my vocal chords are really, really sore. My doctor ordered me to rest at home and not speak for at least two days. So I won’t be working until Thursday and my throat feels like it’s on fire most of the times.