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Life Lately: On a Vocal Rest


Well, end of May went downhill for me. I’ve been feeling sick since Monday and I thought it was the usual tonsillitis + fever combo. I got checked out by my trusty doctor yesterday and I found out that my vocal chords are really, really sore. My doctor ordered me to rest at home and not speak for at least two days. So I won’t be working until Thursday and my throat feels like it’s on fire most of the times.

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2016 Travel Plans

2016 Travel Plans

Hi guys, I haven’t done a life update post in forever. As you might have noticed, I have been posting so irregularly and inconsistently these past couple of weeks. Work has been busy, I’ve travelled a bit on the weekends, and I went back to another hobby that is frankly taking up so much of my time. I won’t talk about that other hobby since that’s more of my guilty pleasure – but I’ll say that it sure helped my English skillzz.