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Lost in Hong Kong: Day 3 – Zoological and Botanical Garden, Ladies’ Market, Cafe de Coral

Hong Kong Day 3; Richel Goes Places

Now we’re back to my Hong Kong series! Knowing that our itinerary for the third day is packed, you’d think we’d wake up early. Nope, it didn’t happen. We were up by 6:00 AM and after singing a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ song to Sydney with our morning voices, we dozed off again. I think it’s because we got our fill of Ocean Park in half a day that we thought it’ll only take that long to roam Disneyland – which is also included on our third day itinerary. Add that to the fact that we were tired and our feet were cursing us out, we overslept. First wrong decision of the day.

Hong Kong Travel

Lost in Hong Kong: Day 2 – Wong Tai Sin Temple, Ocean Park

Hong Kong Day 2; Richel Goes Places

Crazy things happen when you’re in another country. Like, say, when Yuna woke up at 6 AM because that girl always sleeps in until at least 10 AM on a weekend. Then again, all of us were awake (and shivering) by 6:00 AM and ready to face the day. The first challenge of the day? Showering. When you’re from a country where the weather is either slightly cold, hot, hotter, or hottest, you’ll be faced with tough decisions when it’s 15 degrees out. Like, if you’re even going to take a complete shower. The heater working gave us our answer but I was seriously considering to just forego it since just washing my hands on the sink pretty much made them feel like popsicles! Not even exaggerating.

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Lost in Hong Kong: Day 1 – The Peak, Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace 428

The Peak Madame Tussauds Sky Terrace 428; Richel Goes Places

Finally gotten around to blogging my Hong Kong trip. I decided to divide it into seven installments. First one is my Hong Kong: Culture Shock post that went up last week and this is the second one, obviously. I called it my ‘Lost in Hong Kong’ series because we literally got lost and went off in circles a lot of times. The future posts will include the 3 other days we spent in HK, review of the guest house we stayed in, our entire itinerary, and how you can do it all under PHP20K – inclusive of plane tickets and travel tax (wink wink nudge nudge).

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Lost in Hong Kong: Culture Shock at the City of Riches

Lost in Hong Kong; Culture Shock in the City of Riches; Richel Goes Places

I don’t think I experienced culture shock as much as ever than when my friends and I visited Hong Kong for 4D3N – we just got back yesterday! That’s saying something since I already spent a few months in some other Asian countries other than my home country, the Philippines. We pretty much got over the culture shock in the middle of the trip but it was a fun conversation we had during our first night in.

Hong Kong

Top 5 Places I’ll Visit In Hong Kong for 2016!

Top Places I'll Visit In Hong Kong 2016

It’s official! My travel buddies and I are visiting Hong Kong in February 2016! After a really busy week and spontaneously flight bookings like this, my wander-ridden mind just can’t not google the top destinations for Hong Kong. I just have to know what possible places we will be going to next year! There’s actually a lot but they’re really scattered around the country. I have to shorten the list to my top 5 for now since I have to consider the fact that we will only be staying there for 4 days and 3 nights.