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Life Lately: Too Uninspired, Too Unmotivated

Too-UninspiredI admitted to myself just a few minutes ago that I write Life Lately posts when I’m too uninspired, unmotivated, or just plain lazy to document the actual things happening in my life lately. I also feel like I’m just in a slump right now. I wake up, exercise (sometimes), get ready, go to work, get back, eat, and sleep. Again and again and again. On the weekends, I go out to eat or for church then back again to just sit in my bed and just waste my time on my phone or just sleeping. I haven’t been in this lazy stump for a while and I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Lol @ how my social media accounts is portraying that my life is exciting and amazing at the moment.

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Hungry Saturday at Bonifacio High Street

Bonifacio High Street

I did some changes on my blog for the past two weeks, if you haven’t noticed. The biggest one is the blog make-over. I had my blog theme changed – huge thanks to Kai! I changed my blog timeline from Lifestyle and Travel Blog to Personal and Travel Blog. I messed around with a few things here and there like my sidebar, header, footer, and about me page – but yes, some things will still be changing. What you haven’t seen is that I will also be changing a few things about my future (and even past) contents. I’m going for a more personal route now, and I’m not just gonna be talking about my major travels now. So, buckle up, friends, my future posts will be like… this one.

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How to Apply for a Korea Tourist VISA for Filipino Employees

How To Apply for a Korea Touritst Visa Filipino Employees; Richel Goes Places


Oh, VISAs. The bane of travelers hailing from third world country. Wouldn’t it be better if we just have to show proof of financial standings and a return ticket to visit any country we want? Alas, that is not the case. Applying for a VISA is a tricky business. There’s never a guarantee you’ll have one; people who have hundreds of thousands in the bank and return tickets still get denied. Which is why I was a wreck when it was my turn to apply for a Korean VISA; the first VISA application I’ve ever done.

Fortunately, my VISA was approved. Yey! And so were my companions. I’ve heard Korean VISAs are one of the easiest to get, but I also know of people who got denied one. I figured I’ll start my Korean travel series with a guide on how to get a South Korea Tourist VISA for Filipino employees.

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Korea Photobook + Top 5 Memories

korea photobook

It’s been three months since I visited Korea but I still laugh at the memories we have created at that country. It’s already unforgettable since this is where I traveled solo for the first time – even if it was only for a short 1.5 days, but even more so when my friend and her family arrived. You’d probably seen her around in my blog since I travelled to Hong Kong and other local places with her.

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2017 + First Quarter Goals

First Quarter Goals

Like most people, I tend to list down ‘resolutions’ or ‘goals’ every start of the year. And like most people, sometimes I go overboard and write down a bunch of things that just wouldn’t be all accomplished within a year. Or things that are far too vague that I have no idea how it would be considered ‘accomplished’. So for the past few days of 2017, I listed and re-listed my goals, getting them down to a pretty manageable and realistic count. I’m pretty happy with the end result and am excited to work on them for this year.