2018: First Quadrimester

First Quadrimester

I spent the past ten minutes trying to find out what term translates to “every four months”. There’s a couple terms floating around but this one stuck to me. Quadrimester is a mix of latin words “quadri” which means four and “mester” which means months. This isn’t a very popular term (for me) but I thought, “eh, good enough.” Of course, I wouldn’t have this problem if I posted after a quarter of this year like I planned to…


Yes, I Do Go on Packaged Tours

Bohol, Philippines

On a packaged trip to Bohol, 2017.

I know, I know. I promote DIY tours and even share my itineraries around to help you plan your own like it’s my business. So you’re probably like, “Do you even go on packaged tours?!!!” As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I do. I usually go to two packaged tours per year. My Bohol, Ilocos and Baler trips were package tours and both were a blast!

There’s definitely a lot of things I consider before I decide to sign up for a tour. Like, a loooooot. But, summary is: If it’s local travel, I will most likely book a packaged tour. If it’s international, I will most likely DIY it.

South Korea

Where We Stayed in Korea: 24 Guesthouse Seoul Station

24 Guesthouse Seoul Station; Richel Goes Places (1)

I was supposed to Airbnb my way through South Korea, but it’s cheaper to stay in a hostel when there’s just a few of you in a group. There were supposed to be three of us on our first day but one cancelled and then there’s just two left. I was also kind of panicky on where we’ll be staying as it’s just a few weeks until the trip at this point. I scoured through Agoda looking through the affordable hostel options that meet all my requirements, and I ended up with 24 Guest House Seoul Station.


The Best Way to Display Flowers in Your Home

littelflowerhutsgIf you ask one thing that you can do with flowers other than giving it as a  gift is decorate your home with flowers. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough space to plant flowers on your front home because you can still display the beauty of flowers inside your home. Even better, you will always be able to look and feel their beauty everyday this way.