2017 in a Nutshell

I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe 2017 before 2017 even ended. I’ve attempted to make this year-ender a few times, but never having the right words to do so. Even now, I’m not exactly sure what to type next. I’ve accepted 2017 for what it was but it’s still something to admit it to other people. Because while it may seem like I have my shit together, I really don’t. I’ve seen people flourish around me while I do the same things every single day and it was an active choice that I still do. That while 2017 was personally an okay year for me, I didn’t try to do any better. In 2017, I settled.

It’s hard to admit that I passed by so many opportunities because I was so scared of getting out of my comfort zone. Despite how strong I present myself online and in real life, I am scared shitless of getting out of it. 2017 was a routine. I was going on auto-pilot. I can’t even remember much highlights from 2017 unlike my other previous years. I wasn’t growing personally or professionally. I was stuck in an endless loop. I didn’t feel the need to get out of it. I was scared to get out. 2017 was the kick in the butt that I needed. My only resolution in 2018 is: to strive.

As was the routine for the past two years, here’s my 2017 in a nutshell:

2017 in Months

January: Celebrated my second year at the job. Other than that, not that eventful.

February: Experienced Spring in Taiwan for four days. We did manage to see some cherry blossoms and I’m pretty sure we looked like overexcited tourists to local. My favorite part though is when we “found” some gold! We attended a Chinese “class” to find those gold!

March: ???

April: Finally stepped foot in Bohol! There were a couple of hiccups but it still pushed though. My favorite is finally seeing the Chocolate Hills and buwis-buhay picture taking in the manmade forest.

May – July: ????

August: Attended my first and last show this year: LANY’s show at Alabang Town Center. I can’t believe how big of a fanbase they have here already! So worth it for the hours of sitting on the floor!

September: Celebrated my 22nd birthday. Commemorated it by singing along to Taylor Swift’s 22 all day.

October: ???

November: Desperately tried to finish my Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books this year. I didn’t succeed but I finished around 15 books in this month alone.

December: I finally applied for Japanese visa and I got approved!!!

Goals for this Year and How I Did

  • Passing this as I didn’t really do very well this year. 🙁

Places I’ve Been To This Year

Taiwan | Bohol | Tagaytay | Batangas

Concerts I’ve Been To


Favorite Blog Posts for this Year

Inflatable Island PH: A Comprehensive Travel Guide | Korea Day 1: Insadong + Dongdaemun Design Plaza | Money Diaries: Night Shift | Staycation Vol. 1: Fort Victoria, BGC

How has your 2017 been? If you have any blog post about it, link it below. I’d love to give it a read!

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This post has been all-over but I want to get something out in my blog after the long inactivity. I’ll check back and do some re-edit on this once I got back from my trip. I haven’t announced this yet to my blog but I’m going to Japan! I’m flying out there tomorrow and will be there for almost a week. Maybe it’s just the trip I need to get me back on my feet. For live updates, you can follow my twitter and instagram: richelgoes.

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