I read lots of blogs. I can say that I’m a regular reader of around 10-30 blogs. I love lifestyle, travel, and personal blogs. The ones below are a mix of two or three of those categories. If you have some time, give their blogs a look and you might find it ending up on your favorite list too.

113 Things To Say by Mira

Adventures of Cupcake Girl by Teesh Osita

Anagon’s Blog by Ana Gonzales

Bea S.’s Blog by Bia Sambrano

Brunch at Audrey’s by Audrey

Books, Travels & Life Between by Jane

Cabin Twenty-Four by Eena

Caffeine Rush by Lou Ramos

Clint Mamuri by Clint

Dear Strangers by Dems

Deluminators by Jane

Dianne Wonderland by Dianne Karol

Hello Clarisa by Clarisa

Inbetween by Jamie

Jojomei by Mei

Karen by Karen Roldan

Katx by Kat

Leftoverjinx by Trish Maramba

Life + Adventures and Whatnot by Dianne

Lost with Nika by Nika

Loved and Wanderlust by Melai

Marian Nicolas by Marian

Marielle Was Here by Mariella

Melissa the Mermaid by Melissa Patino

Oh, A Cookie! by Claudine

Otherworldly by Justine

Paper Antlers by Cara Opana

Reeejoyce by Rej Canaynay

Rosey’s Journal by Rose

Scatterbrain by Jae

Spell Saab by Saab Magalona

The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

The Blank Polaroids by Kristine

The Diary Queen by Dahrren Dominguez

The Nerdy Me by Leta

The Random Bibliophile by Renee Alexis

The Secret Traveller by 1Cover

The Wallflower Secrets by Alissa

The Wild Flower by Jhanz

Twenty and Lost by Pia

Wandering Ella by Janine Ella

Wanderlaska by Loi

Wander Bee by Bea de Guzman

Yours Truly, Myrra by Myrra