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Ed Sheeran: One Man Band at his Multiply Tour Manila

Ed Sheeran Live In Manila

In celebration of Ed Sheeran’s newly released concert movie, Jumpers for Goalpost, I decided to document my experience at his Manila Leg of the Multiply Tour since I wasn’t able to watch the film. Curse you, weekday releases! Anyway… On to the concert!


We have a Thursday night booked with Ed Sheeran.

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I remembered that the ticket selling were around September – October 2014 and it just so happened that my parents are still deciding on what to give me for a graduation gift. I then asked for Ed Sheeran tickets –lower box seats. This entire experience is thanks to my lovely parents! My friend also decided to come so I had a concert buddy. We played the waiting game until March 12, 2015 arrived!


I died and went to heaven. -Me

Then, seven months ago, Ed Sheeran finally came out to a crowd of 16,000 Filipino Sheerios wearing a red plaid shirt and pants. The outfit looks very unassuming but just the first glance of him turned the crowd crazy (myself included.) I was expecting that there would be a band going out even in the background, but no, it’s only Ed Sheeran, his guitar, and pedals that lets him control other instrumentals.

Without any pause, he started belting out the guitar chords and singing to I’m A Mess. It was, hands on heart, the loudest crowd I’ve been a part of and that is saying something. The thing is, it gets louder as he played song after song.


“I come from a small town in England, and I never knew that my music could travel as far as the Philippines.”

Within the first few songs in the set, Ed Sheeran joked in what is regarded as British humour, “Thank you for spending money to see me, Manila!”


Twas a beautiful night with @EdSheeran @MOAARENA. #EdSheeranMNL #Manila @itsarpee @mmilive @Cherishme @AlexRetodo A photo posted by Music Management Intl (@mmilive) on

Ed then mentioned that he was not planning on playing this song before starting “All of the Stars”. The whole crowd put their cellphones up. I have already seen this sea of lights on most concerts I’ve been but it’s still a sight to see. Always. I also love looking at the artist’s/band’s expression as they watched us wave our hands (and phones) up in the air.


Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me. Cos all that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

I swear, the digital records of Ed Sheeran singing has nothing on what he sounds like live. He’s 10000x better. No surprise when the crowd became the loudest during “Thinking Out Loud”. This British crooner will make you want to fall in love.

Still, my favorite performance was the mash-up of Kiss Me/Tenerife Sea. If I ever get married, I want that song to be on my husband and I’s first dance.

Ed Sheeran Live In Manila

“This is honestly, hand on heart, the best reception I’ve ever received, ever.”

Ed Sheeran vowed to come back to Manila before singing his last song for the night, “Sing”, which is more up-beat than some of his songs and have the entire crowd up on their feet, both singing and dancing. I believe the entire crowd was flustered on what to do next as Ed Sheeran disappeared on stage, ending the night. Most people sat down and absorbed what has just happened. I guess that’s Ed Sheeran’s effect on people.

Ed Sheeran Live in Manila Setlist

Here’s Ed Sheeran’s Setlist for the Manila Leg of the X Tour

Ed Sheeran’s concert has got to be my favorite show yet. Sorry, Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran just did it for me. I know Ed is on some kind of break right now but I just can’t wait to be on his next show. It’s been months now but this experience is still very fresh in my mind. Huge props to MMI Live for the successful production of this concert!

Have you ever been to any Ed Sheeran show?

xoxo, Richel V.

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PS. All photo credits go to Philippine Concerts. I can’t seem to find the photos I took. 🙁

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  • Reply
    Tricia Willa
    November 8, 2015 at 12:10 AM

    I’m a fan and it sucks that I wasn’t able to attend his concert because I really busy and had a full-packed week – thesis preparation, organizing two school events since I’m part of the student council and lastly it was also my birthday week so I really had to plan my party.

    The concert seems really good and fun. Hopefully someday I get the chance to watch him live.

    – Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling

    • Reply
      Richel V.
      November 8, 2015 at 9:05 AM

      I was just thanking my lucky stars that the concert was after my graduation or else I think I won’t be able to go as well. Still, there are many more Ed Sheeran concerts in the future! I’m sure you’ll be able to watch one. 🙂

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